• Jack Wathen

How can property help you get out of Yachting?

Moving out of the industry can be a seriously daunting prospect. The fear of giving up the lifestyle and most importantly the steady monthly paycheck can keep crew in yachting far longer then they want.

Whether you're leaving to start a family, start a business or just start a life on solid ground, a stable financial footing is going to be one of the single most important things. A passive income (an income that you don't literally have to work for) can hugely take the pressure off when you're making the transition. That's where property comes in.

If you invest some of the cash you make whilst yachting into a rent-producing property portfolio, not only are you securing your future wealth by owning assets that will go up in value, you will be creating an additional income stream for yourself.

Regardless of whether you intend on doing property full time or not, knowing that £500, £2,000 or £10,000 will be hitting your account each month from rent can make the move away from yachting much smoother.

Of course, nothing good in life comes easy. Investing in property is not as easy as buying the first thing you find and hoping it lets, hours of research and careful planning are required. You need to understand mortgages, tax, letting laws and the best investment cities if you want to stand a chance of becoming a successful investor.

Anchor Property was built specifically by qualified UK property professionals and former yacht crew to help crew get the assistance they need in property. As fully regulated and insured property specialists based in the UK we are actively helping crew on a daily basis to build and manage property portfolios.

If you think property might be for you then get in touch!